May Bank Holidays

Monday 1st May        8.00-4.00pm


Monday 29th May      8.00-4.00pm

 Block Bookings Available! 

Visit our indoor sports page here and download the block booking application to put forward your request. Please note this is subject to availability and terms and conditions apply. 


Block bookings enable you to play on the same day and time slot every week for a 10 week period. On week 9 you have the option of renewing your blocking for a further 10 weeks. 


To apply for a block booking slot (subject to availability) please complete the form below and email us your request at


Please note payment is required in advance for the 10 week period.

Block Booking Application Form
Please fill out the application form with your booking requirements and we will contact you regarding your application.
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Party into shape with Zumba.

This week’s Zumba class were rocking the sports hall yesterday, a great space for everyone and our new LED lighting really reflected the energy levels.  Naomi’s Zumba class is on Tuesday mornings 10.30-11.15am, so if you’d like to join in next week, we’d love to see you!  Suitable for all abilities, it’s high energy but an easy to follow fitness class.

New improved lighting a great success

Members are already seeing the benefit of the new LED lighting system in the sports hall and tennis courts.  Not only does this mean a better playing experience for members but a reduction in our power consumption too.  Remember there's no need to switch the lights on and off either because we've installed intelligent controls which allow the lighting to be instant when required, daylight dimming with maintained light level and with Light on Demand (LoD). Clever eh?

Public health experts claim £450m is being wasted on the "mid-life MOT."


Eminent health experts have reported this week that the NHS are wasting £450 million on the mid-life health checks aimed at 40-74 year olds in the UK, citing them as "costly and ineffective" and preventing as few as 1,000 deaths a year.  Leading public health experts from London, Liverpool and Glasgow reported that the health checks often fail to spot someone at risk of heart attack or stroke and the money would be far better spent encouraging people to eat healthily, tackle smoking, drinking and ultimately get more physical exercise to reduce the risk of falling seriously ill in the first place.  See the full article on,3ONWA,8905CN,D96IF,1 .


Here at Downton Leisure Centre we cater for just that with our "Active Health" programme. Our resident expert, Sophie Brookes is only too happy to help.  Experienced in assessing patients referred from their GP following a wide variety of illnesses or injury, Sophie will develop a bespoke fitness programme to suit each individual, and over a 12 week period will be on hand for advice and ongoing monitoring to ensure patients are safely and effectively exercising.  For further information or to book an appointment please call today on 01725 513668.

Try facilities for 21 days for only £15!!


Downton Leisure Centre are offering new visitors the chance to try out their facilities and group exercise sessions over a 21 day period encouraging you to get into a habit of regular physical activity. Research has shown that if you can stick to a new routine for 3 weeks, you are most likely going to continue into the following months, as it has become a habit. With support to help you with simple behavioural changes that can really make the difference, the instructors at the Leisure Centre aim to get you active and enjoying the way it makes you feel.


They will work hard to ensure you build the correct routine that is most effective for the goals you wish to achieve. This may be a combination of gym work, aerobics, spinning, walking, weights or flexibility or core. 

We are offering all this for just £15 for 21 days so call 01725 513668 to kick start your body and keep the healthy habit that will make you feel energetic! 

Gus Yee completes his first marathon

First marathon at 66!

On Sunday 4th October Gus Yee completed his first ever marathon in the Bournemouth sunshine, achieving a fantastic time of 4 hrs 53mins.  Fourth in his age group, Gus told me “it felt great, such an achievement.”  Having never considered himself a serious runner in the past, Gus originally joined Downton Leisure Centre to play badminton and for the 50+ fitness class, but was inspired to join their Friday morning running club.


Gus told me he’s had so much encouragement and support from the Downton Leisure Centre’s running club, “it’s been great running in a group, I run with them every week and they were all there along the run route on Sunday, cheering me on, encouraging and supporting.”  Joining the running club has shown me “I can do it and I should do it.”


Gus ran for “Planets”, a Southampton based charity who raise funds for Pancreatic, Liver and Neuroendocrine Tumours and hopes to raise as much as possible.


Gus also wanted to thank his friends, the Davis family who helped him with longer training runs, splitting them 50/50 so Gus always had company.


When asked what advice he would give to new runners?  Gus replied “every week is progress, Downton Leisure Centre running club really inspires others and there’s no age limit! They’ve even encouraged me to get my Running Leader qualification so I can take a group out running now.  Whatever level or ability you are, come along.”


When asked if he’d run another one?  Never say never!

Downton's Biggest Loser becomes a winner at the Paris Marathon! 

On 15th April, a group of runners from Downton Leisure Centre set off to run the Paris Marathon. The group consisted of both experienced marathoners and a few beginners, one of which was Downtons Carol Tanner (see far right in pic). Carol, who lost an amazing 10 stone at Downton Leisure Centre in the past 2 years ran her first marathon in Paris and has come back enthusiastic to do another.


Centre Manager Tim Harris who also ran in Paris said "It is a remarkable achievement for someone who couldn't run a mile to go and complete a full marathon and show the commitment needed to prepare for such an event, the centre and the village are very proud of her." The group of 10 all completed the race successfully and continue to train at Downton's Running Club on Friday mornings.

A huge congratulations to Leisure Centre member Carl Bonner who won the David Luther Memorial Cup for the first local winner in the 2012 Downton Half Marathon!